1 Quart Spray Applicator System

1 Quart Spray Applicator System
  • Item #: 32401QP
  • Manufacturer: Lemmer Spray System

Carwell's 1 quart pot system by Lemmer Spray System works with T-32 (CP-90)! It is a handy and easy to use applicator for the shop or garage. Use it to quickly treat your mower, snow blower, car, bike or anything else you can think of!. It is easy to setup and operate, and cleanup and storage is a snap! Spray gun is equipped with a quick disconnect that allows fast change between nozzle and wand.

The system is shipped with a round nozzle and 3 applicator wands: HD Flex Wand, 360° Swirl Wand, 90° Hook Wand

Operating pressure: 20-100 psi (Please refer to manufactures instructions before use)


*If interested in Carwell's Applicator System please give our office a call at 716-896-1677


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